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Staff Bios....

Vince Continenza

Working for Cork and Cleaver in the 1970's while gaining his degree in Business and Psychology at the University of Dayton in Ohio, Vince began his journey into what has consumed the last last 35 years of his life. At the ripe age of 21, Vince was transferred from Ohio to Kalamazoo, MI to open his own Cork and Cleaver. After 10 years of running a region of these chains, Vince was ready for an adventure of his own. From 1982-1990 he partnered with a restaurant group and opened Oakleys at the Haymarket, and an Italian restaurant, Bravo, acting as General Manager to both. In 1990, Vince, as sole proprietor, opened Gull Lake Cafe. Vince owned and operated Gull Lake for 16 years. In May of 2006, Vince, his wife Cindy, son Nathan and daughter Anna moved to Pinehurst to embark on their newest culinary adventure, The Ironwood.




Nathan Continenza

- Court of Master Sommelier -
  Nathan began his restaurant career in 1990, working under a true veteran, his father, Vince Continenza. Nathan moved up in the restaurant operations quickly, but stopped when he found his home in the kitchen. He worked for Vince for 10 years until deciding he wanted to become a chef. Nathan entered the Culinary School in Grand Rapids, MI where he perfected his self-learned skills, graduating in 2005. While in the culinary program, Nathan was on the opening staff for The Chop House, owned by Main Street Ventures Restaurant Group. After having worked for them for just two years, upon his graduation Nathan was promoted to Sous Chef. This term was short-lived due to the offer to become Executive Chef of The Ironwood 2006. Nathan accepted the offer and is now in his ninth year as Ironwood's acting Executive Chef.